about us

Our origin story is born out of a desire to create, to communicate, a dislike for cheap disposable stuff, and the pandemic.

Robert – a builder, gear head and life-long technology geek and Pheinixx – a graphic designer, educator and artist forged a beautiful partnership that began online and resulted in creating a new home together in Bowmanville. Tiger happily approved of this new chapter (Pheinixx’ supply of treats and endless head scratches helped considerably) and just as they unpacked their last moving box, the first lockdown hit.

What came out of this time was a desire for Robert and Pheinixx to combine their expertise of design, marketing, communication and building and extend their partnership into working together. Robert pivoted his renovation business and years of building experience into woodworking, and added cool technology that allows for extra-ordinary customization. Pheinixx focused her work in identity design and marketing into tangible brand communications and environmental design. Their aligned values of hand-crafted work, veritable materials and solution-oriented creation ignited a spark that has become The Crafty Tiger.


A second-generation builder and craftsman always diving in to new practices and tools, Robert is the consummate maker. Through purposeful building with a focus on stability, Robert takes care to build things that work, and that last. His 30+ years of experience spans estate renovation, custom cabinetry, and home décor.

By blending a love of mechanics, and an understanding of technology with traditional woodworking practices, he brings innovative and effective solutions to life.


With decades of experience as a graphic designer, Pheinixx specializes in composing the voice of a brand. This involves her in logo design, identity creation, brand development and marketing: and has worked with TD Financial, GustoTV, Warner Bros. Music, Toronto Fashion Incubator, and chef’s Rob Rossi, Rob Rainford and the spice goddess Bal Arneson.

Pheinixx is a Certified TAC Tea Sommelier® Professional with a long history steeped in tea culture, appreciation and experience working with Canadian brands.

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The crafty muse that inspires us, otherwise known as the boss.